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There’s no dearth of adventure activities in a land like Orlando. So, whether it’s a weekend plan or a family get-together, sunset airboat tours in Orlando give you a magical experience. Amidst Florida Everglades, when the sun sets, you can take the journey to discovery by booking tours with us. At Backwoods Airboat Adventures, we ensure a thrilling sunset airboat experience for one and all at the best rates.

If the idea of cruising through scenic beauty thrills you, you may consider our airboat rides. Our captain’s knowledge and understanding make your experience more adventurous. Experience a picture-perfect sunset and spot wildlife animals to make your sunset boat ride memorable.


Sunset Airboat Tours

A Sneak-Peak into our Sunset Airboat Tours in Orlando

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that your sunset airboat ride with us marks a red-letter day in your life because of the experience. With our ride, we ensure every nature lover, family, and couple experiences the most of Mother Nature’s beautiful belongings.

Since local animals around Florida become more active during dusk, you can easily spot them via our sunset boat rides. Complemented by a soothing evening climate, your riding experience becomes more intriguing during the sunset.

Through our airboat sunset tour in Florida, we take you into the Everglades’ waterways to catch wildlife living in hidden corners. One thing we cannot promise with our sunset ride is bird-watching. During the sunset, most birds return home.

However, if you are lucky, you can easily get a close glimpse of the alligators. We recommend carrying your binoculars and DSLRs to capture the sight and create an unforgettable memory. Book sunset airboat tours with us soon.

Running Crocodiles


A Few Safety Tips We Recommend

We recommend these safety tips for everyone who wants to enjoy airboat adventure to the fullest. Always follow our captain’s instructions for a safe trip.

  • Do not stand suddenly from your seat (be seated and hold on during the boat ride)
  • Do not wave your hands: keep your arms inside the boat always
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Wear protective gear
  • Respect wildlife and never feed or touch them during the trip
  • Listen to our safety guidelines before you depart
Professional Acumen


Our Captain's Experience and Professional Acumen

Our experienced captains have a deep understanding of Florida’s wildlife. With their training and certifications, they gained their license.

Our seasoned captains understand the connection between wildlife and the natural environment. So they can offer in-depth insight to the passengers. Besides, our airboat captains also understand safety concerns and conduct comprehensive pre-departure checks.

Above all, their professionalism and expertise make them confident and trustworthy among passengers. Under their knowledgeable and skilled guidance, you can expect relaxing and rejuvenating adventurous sunset airboat rides amidst the Everglades.

Above all, their professionalism and expertise make them confident and trustworthy among passengers. Under their knowledgeable and skilled guidance, you can expect relaxing and rejuvenating adventurous sunset airboat rides amidst the Everglades.

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A Rundown of Our 1-Hour Sunset Airboat Ride – In a Few Words

Immerse in the wildlife of the Florida Everglades during our sunset airboat ride. We ensure you get the best glimpse of the pristine waters on our trip. For 60 minutes, we ensure a total adventure filled with:

  • Enthralling views of the fauna and flora
  • Beat the heat and enjoy the cooler evening weather
  • Spot wildlife species and explore nature’s priceless possessions

So, the next time you visit Orlando for sunset airboat tours, consult us at Backwoods Airboat Adventures.

Adventure Boat Tour


Frequently Asked Questions

A sunset tour in Orlando allows you to enjoy the cool climate. Besides the beautiful view of the sun setting over the lake, you get better chances of capturing wildlife on your airboat ride.

The best time to experience an airboat ride is during the sunset. That's the time when you have maximum chances of spotting wildlife. Plus, the weather is cooler, so we can explore the Everglades airboat sunset tour.

Yes, you can take your children in the airboat. However, one should note that the airboat is quite loud and noisy. So, one should wear ear protection.

Of course, you can take your smartphones and cameras with you on your airboat ride. We encourage everyone to capture mesmerizing moments during the ride. But please ensure that you keep your belongings protected from water splashes.

Florida's winters are that harsh. The lower temperatures make it pleasant to go outside. So, airboats are safe during winter. You can consult us if you want to plan an airboat ride this winter.

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