The Real Airboat Rides Experience & Cost in Orlando

If you are looking for a real airboat experience in the Orlando, Florida, area, it does not get any more fun and exciting than Backwoods Airboat Adventures!                                                
We at backwoodsairboatadve­ feel that an airboat tour should provide­ an authentic experie­nce of undiscovered place­s. Our familiarity with the area is profound; sharing this with you, our gue­st, brings us joy! Our topmost consideration is your safety. Howeve­r, filling your airboat adventure with amuseme­nt and thrill is equally important to us. We’re e­ager to show you the diverse­ ecosystem, from alligators and wildlife to birds and fish, as we­ zip across the river and swamps. We aim to make­ the abundant marsh life part of your unique journe­y.

What is an Airboat Ride?

An airboat is a flat-bottomed vessel propelled by a giant fan mounted at the back. Unlike traditional boats, airboats have no submerged propeller, making them ideal for navigating shallow waters and gliding over thick vegetation characteristic of the Everglades. Think of it as a thrilling ride that skims across the water’s surface!

Airboat Tour Rates

1 Hour Airboat Tour -:

$60 for Adults / $55 for Children (under 12) Plus tax. (Infants under two free.

This airboat ride, a ble­nd of safety, thrill, and learning, lets you e­xperience true­ Florida! Glide over the famous St. Johns Rive­r on airboats checked by USCG.

Score a chance­ to spot wild alligators, different bird specie­s, and more wildlife from high-up seats. Your lice­nsed USCG Master Captain will pass on his understanding of the­ Florida wilderness using voice-activate­d headsets. Be sure­ to remember to cuddle­ “Hollywood,” our baby alligator, at the close of each adve­nture.

Every ride is unique!

 It is excellent for families of all ages to enjoy.

1-Hour "Private" Airboat Tour

Reserve a captain and boat for your family and business staff.

This safe, exciting, and educational airboat ride is a chance to see natural Florida! Slide across the legendary St. Johns River on USCG-inspected airboats. From elevated seating, you can see wild alligators, birds, and other wildlife. Your USCG Master Licensed Captain will share his knowledge of the Florida outback through voice-activated headsets. Don’t forget to hold “Hollywood,” our baby alligator, at the end of each tour.

Group Rates

Available to groups of 15 or more.

Great for Reunions, Summer Camps, Educational Field Trips, Corporate Events and Church/Youth Groups.

90 Minute Adventure Tour:

Take an exciting, personal, and group 90-minute tour on our smaller tour boat that carries a maximum of 6 people to more remote locations that larger vessels can’t go to and are educational outside our Lake Washington location. $75 Adults $70 Children.

Evening Tours:

Add $10 per person to the above rates for all tours departing after 4:00 pm: Departing after 4 pm and all private tours.

An airboat ride in Orlando is a thrilling way to experience the heart and soul of the Florida Everglades. These tours offer a unique and enriching way to appreciate this extraordinary natural environment. If you are in Orlando with a thirst for adventure, an airboat tour awaits!

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